12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android in 2024 (2024)

12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android in 2024 (1)

The best hidden camera detector apps offer a great way to stay safe and comfortable both in private and public places. These mobile apps are designed to help you locate hidden cameras by detecting magnetic activity or infrared, thus you can make a further investigation to the suspicious thing.

Hidden camera detector apps are especially useful when you are in public toilets, changing rooms, and even hotel rooms. It is important to quickly scan your area and make sure if there is no hidden camera planted around you.

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Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android You Must Download

There are myriad options if you scour the internet for hidden camera detector apps. And if you narrow down the list to Android apps, the following choices are worth trying. Download these mobile apps and easily find out if somebody is spying on you.

1. Hidden Camera Detector by FutureApps

12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android in 2024 (2)

Download on Google Play

Finding a spy cam made simple with Hidden Camera Detector. Developed by FutureApps, this useful tool has been trusted by millions of users worldwide to locate any hidden camera planted in the room.

It uses the magnetometer of your phone to detect magnetic field. Hover your smartphone over suspicious things like wall clock, changing mirror, or flowerpot and see if it finds something—your phone will beep when it finds magnetic activity.

In the event your smartphone lacks of magnetometer then take all benefits of infrared detector. Scan the area and see if there’s a white light. This white light indicates infrared light of hidden camera which is not visible by bare eyes.

2. Detectify

12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android in 2024 (3)

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Detectify helps you stay safe wherever you go. This spy bug detector is designed with a simple and easy to use interface, allowing you to find potential hidden camera without hassle. Use this app in public toilets or hotel rooms and get rid of spy camera.

Detectify utilizes magnetometer readings to detect hidden spy bug devices. Whenever it detects higher value of magnetic field then the app notifies users by sending alerts. Your phone will beep and you can search for potential hidden devices in nearby area.

As for features, this tool comes packed with graphical representation that allows easier reading of magnetic field value. It also includes smart tips for manual detection to find hidden devices in private and public places.

Since it uses magnetometer sensor in your device, app’s performance heavily depends on quality of your phone’s sensor. You might need to double check to ensure if there’s a spy camera hidden in your surroundings.

3. Hidden Bug Detector

12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android in 2024 (4)

Download on Google Play

Developed by Fenix Studio, Hidden Bug Detector is one of the best free hidden camera detector apps for Android. It has helped thousands of people reveal bugs and devices hidden for unwanted surveillance.

The tool works in two ways: radiation detector and infrared detector. As a radiation detector, it uses magnetic sensor of your device for finding radiation of the electronic devices. It also serves as an infrared detector that helps find infrared lights of hidden camera and other devices.

Featuring a simple user interface, running this tool is completely easy. It helps you detect hidden camera and electronic devices only with a simple tap. You don’t need any user instruction because of its super simple operation.

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Overall, this is an amazing app designed with privacy in mind. Get peace of mind wherever you go with Hidden Bug Detector installed on your Android.

4. Hidden IR Camera Detector by 4 Tech Solutions

12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android in 2024 (5)

Download on Google Play

This spy cam detector app comes in handy to protect your privacy. Whether you are in a hotel room or simply in a changing room, it helps you find hidden cameras using infrared detector.

The infrared detector works in a simple way. Using your phone’s built-in camera and special filter, it identifies the hidden cam by a tiny white light. If you see a blinking light while scanning the area then a hidden camera might have been planted in the area.

This tool includes a set of features to ensure user’s experience, such as user’s manual that tells you how to use it and light weight size that makes it friendly to most Android devices. In addition to infrared detector, it uses your phone’s magnetic sensor to detect the camera by its magnetic activity.

Both infrared and radiation detectors work well for anyone who wants privacy. Get this camera detector and detect spy devices wherever you go.

5. Hidden Devices Detector

12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android in 2024 (6)

Download on Google Play

Are you looking for a spy cam detector app that is legit and easy to use? Look no further. Hidden Devices Detector is a great app for locating secret devices in hotel rooms, public toilets, conference rooms, and anywhere.

Every electronic device emits radiation and this detector app works based on this premise. It uses the magnetic sensor of your phone to discover the radiation, providing you with easier navigation to find suspicious things hidden around you.

This tool works with accuracy and precision to detect spy devices, including camera and microphone. Just in case your phone doesn’t feature magnetic sensor, uses infrared detector to reveal unwanted devices.

What’s great about Hidden Devices Detector is that it comes with tiny download size. It is also compatible with most Android smartphones that run version 4.1 and higher.

6. Hidden Camera Detector by Lucky Studio

12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android in 2024 (7)

Download on Google Play

Hidden Camera Detector is an important tool to give you peace of mind in some new places. With the ability to deeply scan hidden camera and spy devices, this detector app is created for anyone who needs privacy.

This is how it works. Launch the app and start scanning. It uses infrared detector of your phone for unveiling any devices that use infrared, including spy camera. The app shows a listing of detected devices so you can make a further investigation on suspicious device.

Hidden Camera Detector is designed with an intuitive interface that promises a better user’s experience. Not only is it easy to use, it is also light in weight and compatible with most Android smartphones.

7. Detect Bug

12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android in 2024 (8)

Download on Google Play

Brought to you by Royal Tech App Studio, Detect Bug is a versatile detector app that helps you find a variety of spy devices. Whenever you need privacy, run this app and let it unveil unwanted electronic devices like hidden camera and microphone.

Detect Bug supports both infrared and magnetic camera detector. This best hidden camera detector app uses phone sensor to work appropriately so the performance highly depends on the quality of your phone sensor.

Using magnetic detector you can easily detect electronic devices by its magnetic radiation. Move your phone and see if the magnetic value increases.

In addition to camera detection feature that becomes the main star, Detect Bug includes smart tips and tricks to stay safe in public places. It also has instructions that help you figure out how to use the app appropriately.

8. Spy Camera Finder

12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android in 2024 (9)

Download on Google Play

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It is unlikely to detect a spy camera by naked eyes. Not only do they come in small size, they are also designed to blend with the surroundings. Thanks to Spy Camera Finder, detecting a spy cam has never been this easy.

Deeply scan the room and let this app do the magic. It uses magnetic sensor and infrared sensor of your phone to locate unwanted camera and microphone. Once you find something fishy, take a closer look at it.

Is this your first time using camera detector app? Spy Camera Finder makes everything simple. It comes packed with a user manual that helps you learn how it works and how to use it. Tips and tricks are also available to keep your privacy in public places.

All features are available for free. Get this app on your Android and enjoy your time in hotel rooms, rent rooms, or anywhere.

9. Hidden IR Camera Detector

12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android in 2024 (10)

Download on Google Play

Hidden IR Camera Detector brings your privacy to another level. Using this app you can find secret camera planted in fitting rooms, public toilets, or anywhere that potentially harm your privacy. Thanks to ease of use features, locating spy cam comes simple and easy.

Using this app isn’t difficult. Move your phone near suspicious things like flower vase, wall clock, or table ornaments and see the magnetic value reading. When the needle moves and shows higher value, check the stuff and investigate further.

This detector app is designed with a beautiful user interface that boosts easy operation. It also has small download size that doesn’t cause a significant impact on your phone’s memory and performance. Plus, the detector uses both infrared and magnetic sensor for a better detection.

What’s great about this tool is that it can serve as a stud and metal detector in addition to cam detector. You can also share location with friends for a better monitoring. Download this app for free and feel the convenience.

10. Hidden Camera Detector Gold

12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android in 2024 (11)

Download on Google Play

Using magnetometer of your Android, this cam detector app is one of the best to find on the market. It helps analyze your surroundings and detect magnetic activity from the device.

This is how to make the app works. Move your phone near suspicious things in your surroundings. It can be changing mirror, wall ornaments, and even flowerpot. When your phone starts beeping, this means the stuff emits magnetic field—hidden camera might have been planted.

Additionally, this app also uses infrared sensor just in case your Android is not equipped with a magnetometer. Scan the area using your phone camera and check if there’s a white light—it indicates infrared light that cannot be seen by naked eyes.

11. Hidden Camera Finder

12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android in 2024 (12)

Download on Google Play

This is a top-rated camera finder available on Google Play Store. Designed with a simple and attractive user interface, it provides you with many features and functionalities.

Camera detector is the main star for you who want privacy in public facilities. It also features metal detector that allows you to find studs and metal behind the wall.

With a simple installation, this app is built to bring convenience to your life. Don’t worry about device compatibility. This lightweight app works well on Android 5.0 and higher.

12. Relief’s Map

12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android in 2024 (13)

Download on Google Play

Relief’s Map is a smart camera detector that is built with AI technology. While most cam detector apps use magnetic and infrared modes, this tool is added with film card mode that shows hidden camera as a white dot.

Besides detecting hidden camera, it lets you share detection results so your friends or family can easily locate you. This app is getting better with the ability to look out for safe space in the area.

Relief’s Map is available in free and Pro version. If you want to experience advance accuracy then the Pro version could be a better option for you.

The best hidden camera detector apps are created to help you use public facilities without anxiety. Be sure your device has high quality sensor to ensure app’s performance.

12 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android in 2024 (2024)
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