5 Gore Sites With Videos That May Cause Nightmares - OdditiesBizarre.com (2024)

The following gore sites contain material that may cause severe nightmares. If you’re not a fan of disturbing dreams, it may be best to just view another article. You have been warned!

If you read our post on seven of the most offensive sites, you will likely be able to handle reading this entire post. However, it does contain even more websites about death, terrible brutality, murder (including gruesome beheadings), suicide and other extremely shocking stuff.

Warning: Web Pages Contain Material That May Cause Anxiety

This article was created for educational purposes only. We do not condone any of the acts shown in the gore videos on the following sites. These are some of the scariest places you can find on the Web.

#1 DeathClock.org

Have you always wanted to know when you will die? Well, you are in luck. The Death Clock makes it very easy to find out. The site uses an advanced calculator that determines the date of your death based on where you live, how much you smoke, alcohol consumption and your outlook on life.

Of course, regardless of how advanced this death clock is, it is unlikely to predict the exact date you will leave this planet. This is a good thing because anticipation of death may be worse than death itself. Regardless, it is a little creepy to even get a general idea of when you will pass away.

#2 BestGore.com (link removed)

One of the most popular gore websites online is Best Gore. This link goes to their web page titled “bloody injuries”.

The Canadian shock site BestGore.com is no longer active. Owner Mark Marek is now selling the domain for a 7 figure price tag.

#3 DocumentingReality.com

Documenting Reality is a gory website with thousands of images and videos of real life true crime cases. This link takes you to their section titled Real Medical Autopsy Photos and Videos. It includes many threads related to real autopsies, coroner’s work, funeral homes and more.

#4 theYNC.com

Many would argue that theYNC.com is one of the best gore sites online. If you visit this place, you might agree. There are many videos that show real brutal executions, suicides, horrible accidents, and a lot more. They also provide some of the most horrific images (including the Florida zombie attack victim). This place also has many links to web pages that provide unusual p*rn and humor.

A Direct Link To One Of Their Most Horrific Videos

Here is a video that shows a Jordanian hostage who wasburned alive by terrorists . This is just one of many spine-chilling videos that are very painful to watch.

#5 Goregrish.com

Enter Goregrish at your own risk. This is one of biggest shock sites online. If you are at least 18 years of age, you can view their large collection of shocking (uncensored) video content. Some of the videos are not only shocking, but strange too. Be prepared to see some videos of real suicides, murders (including gory beheadings), and even bizarre p*rn. Out of all the sites on our list, this is probably the one with the greatest potential to cause anxiety. Talk about frightening and repulsive.

DeathAddict: A Site Many Of Our Users Would Like To Share

Due to several emails and requests from Facebook users, we decided to add a bonus site to this post. Gore fans want to show the world the shock and gore website called Death Addict. With access to some of the bloodiest images and footage around, it certainly makes a great addition.

See More Gore Video Clips

For a list with links to the bloodiest footage online, visit our post about brutal stuff on the Surface Web.To see the craziest and sickest contest ever, visit our post called Pain Olympics: The Most Painful Competition On Earth. Also see some bloody death images from the “Porsche Girl” Nikki Catsouras car accident.

This post was updated on April 13, 2020.

Is It Legal To Watch An Online Snuff Film?

Of course it is illegal to not only commit murder, but also to watch somebody get murdered and not report it. However, it is not illegal to watch a video of a real murder.

Morbid curiosity is a psychological phenomenon which refers to an interest in death or violence. Studies have revealed that even if gory footage is disgusting to many, humans are physically compelled to watch it. Unfortunately, some psychological experts warn the public that watching gore videos and ghastly scenes can cause psychological trauma.

5 Gore Sites With Videos That May Cause Nightmares - OdditiesBizarre.com (2024)
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