How to Detect a Hidden Camera Using an Android Phone (2024)

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Track down hidden cameras by scanning the room with your Camera app (look for light bursts) or a Wi-Fi scanner app


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How to Detect a Hidden Camera Using an Android Phone (1)

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Updated on January 16, 2024

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What to Know

  • Using your camera: Open the Camera app and point it around the room. Look for a blue-white or purple light.
  • Scan the network: Apps like Fing can locate all the networked devices, including secret cameras.
  • Check Wi-Fi: Open Settings > Network & internet > Internet. Walk around while monitoring the list of devices.

This article explains how you might be able to detect a hidden camera using an Android phone.

How to Find Hidden Cameras With Your Phone's Camera

Although not foolproof, it's possible to use your phone's camera to detect hidden cameras and microphones or other listening devices. This works because some hidden cameras emit IR (infrared radiation) light, which isn't visible to the naked eye, but might be through your camera lens. Here's how to do this:

  1. Launch your phone's Camera app.

  2. Go around the room and point your camera at areas you suspect spy equipment is hidden.

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    Test it out on a TV remote first to confirm this'll work. Point the remote at your camera and press some of its buttons. Try both the front-facing and the rear-facing camera.

  3. If you spot any bright-whitish or purple light, set your phone down and investigate further. It may be a hidden camera.

How to Detect Hidden Cameras and Listening Devices by Scanning Wi-Fi

If you're not sure where to look for the hidden camera, your next best option is to check the Wi-Fi network. There are two methods: Use an app to scan the network you're connected to (the preferred method) or use your phone's Settings app to scan for nearby networks (less likely to work).

Use a Dedicated Wi-Fi Scanner App

There are lots of apps that can scan a Wi-Fi network, and they can find all kinds of things, including networked cameras and other devices no matter where they're located. You'll need to connect to the Wi-Fi network for this to work, but it's almost guaranteed to show specifics that you won't find with other methods.

Here's an example of the Fing app finding a hidden indoor camera and other devices:

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Use Your Phone's Wi-Fi Scanner

Some lower-end spy cameras and listening devices might show up in your phone's list of Wi-Fi connections. Not all cameras are wireless and not every wireless device shows up on this list, but it's worth a shot.

Your phone will most likely pick up several wireless devices and networks. Look for specific brand names, the word cam or camera, or something similar.

  1. Open the Settings app and tap Network & internet, or Connections on some phones.

  2. Tap Wi-Fi.

  3. Walk around the building and watch the list of nearby Wi-Fi networks.

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  • How can I detect a camera hidden in a mirror?

    Check around the mirror for anything that looks out of place, like a wire or a tiny blinking light. Next, press a fingertip against the mirror and see if there's a gap between your finger and the reflective surface—if there's no gap, it might be a two-way mirror. Also, look very closely and slowly shine a flashlight against a mirror's surface to reveal the reflection of a camera lens.

  • How can I check for a hidden camera in a lightbulb?

    First, turn off all the lights in the room. Carefully inspect the lightbulb for any faint interior glow. If you see light on the inside of the bulb, it might contain a camera.

  • How do I spot a hidden camera in a pair of glasses?

    The first thing to look out for is a small circle of some kind along the front of the glasses. This could be a camera lens. Also, spy glasses are often made in darker colors, and usually feature wider than normal surfaces to better hide internal cameras. Most smart glasses have a built-in recording light that should light up when the camera is turned on.

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How to Detect a Hidden Camera Using an Android Phone (2024)
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