The Best Sites to Download Bollywood Movies (2024)

The Best Sites to Download Bollywood Movies (1)

Until not so long ago, Bollywood movies were popular only in India and South and East Asian countries. However, thanks to several breakthrough films in recent years and the overall increase in interest in Indian cinema, Bollywood has caught the attention of film fans all over the world.

If you can’t wait to get your next Bollywood fix, here are some of the best sites to find the latest and most popular Bollywood titles.


Depending on your location, downloading movies from web sites might be illegal. TechJunkie doesn’t support or encourage illegal movie downloads or any other illegal action on the web and outside it. Proceed with downloading at your own risk.

With the disclaimer out of the way, let’s take a look at the best sites to find and download Bollywood movies.


Several years ago, all Bollywood movies could be found on popular torrent sites. However, since the Indian government banned torrents and torrent sites, it has become harder for the fans of Hindi movies to get their fix. To remedy that, we’ve come up with the list of the best and most popular sites for Bollywood movies. Here are our top picks.

1. Worldfree4u

Worldfree4u offers the latest titles from Bollywood, as well as other Hindi movies. Additionally, you can find titles from other countries. It offers a bit dated user interface, though with good functionality. You can browse the films through the categories menu located on the top or use the search bar on the right side of the window. Alternatively, you can scroll down the list of trending titles.

The Best Sites to Download Bollywood Movies (2)

Worlfree4u is one of the most popular sites among Bollywood fans and it has almost all recent Bollywood films in its database. The site also offers 300MB versions of all movies for users with slow internet connections. Every film also has the trailer link so that you can see what the movie is about if you haven’t heard of it beforehand.

Aside from Bollywood movies, you can also find various software, wallpapers, and apps. Some Hollywood movies are featured on the site, as well.

On the right side of the site’s home page, you will also find the list of most recent uploads. This might come in handy if you’re looking for a recent title.

2. Movie Watcher is not a download site per se. Instead, it offers links to download sites. The database is huge and it offers a wide variety of films in all genres. It is important to note that this site doesn’t specialize in Bollywood movies; rather it features them, as well. The selection is excellent and recent titles get included quickly.

The Best Sites to Download Bollywood Movies (3)

The site has a clean and minimalistic layout, with the movies that are currently playing in cinemas taking the top spot on the home page. Below it is the strip with thumbnails of the most popular movies. Tabs containing the most recently uploaded movies and TV shows complete the home page. If you click the Show more button, you can expand any of the four categories.

To quickly find your favorite Bollywood movies, you should use the search bar at the top of the screen. Once you find the film and click on its thumbnail, you will be offered three options – regular stream, HD stream, and HD download. Each film also has the About section where you can see its average score on the platform.

3. Gofilms4u

Gofilms4u is a site dedicated to Indian movies and TV shows in general. It is very popular with fans around the world and you can find pretty much anything on it. Aside from a huge selection of Bollywood titles, you can also find Punjabi films, Hindi soap operas, as well as other Hindi movies. The site also has a large base of American movies dubbed in Hindi.

Gofilms4u offers its users several download quality/size options, including HQ, 640p, and 360p resolutions. Supported formats include AVI, MP4, and 3GP. You can access the site from any platform. The site is available worldwide and you won’t need a VPN to access it.

The Best Sites to Download Bollywood Movies (4)

The main categories include Hindi movies, Hollywood movies, Hollywood movies with Hindi dubs, Tamil movies, and Telugu movies. The Others section of the main menu contains Kashmiri, Bengali, Gujarati, and other categories. The site also allows you to search movies by the year of release, genre, country of origin, and quality.

Design-wise, Gofilms4u is a sleek, well-put-together site. The thumbnails are big, clean, and offer key info on the film. You can also request for movies to be added to the site’s database, which is a nice feature.

4. YouTube

As the world’s biggest video streaming site in the world, YouTube also has a wide range of Bollywood movies. These are uploaded by the users and can vary wildly in terms of both video and audio quality. In a bid to escape YT’s strict copyright policy, some movies are uploaded in several parts, so you might need to download multiple parts for a single movie.

However, downloading movies from YouTube isn’t all that straightforward. You’ll need a quality online video downloader. Our recommendations include Freemake Video Downloader and good old YTD Video Downloader if you’re on a Windows computer. You might want to go with Airy YouTube Downloader for MAC if you’re on a Mac. There are free and premium versions.

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Our recommendation for Android users is TubeMate. It isn’t available on Google Play, so you’ll have to get it on the official site. Finally, iOS users can use iTube HD Video Downloader (there are free and paid versions).

5. HD-Moviespoint

HD-Moviespoint is a rather simple, but very functional site. It features a minimalistic layout and has a huge collection of movies, including those made in Bollywood. The home page features the menu reel near the top of the window. The main categories include Bollywood, Hollywood, Action, Animation, Comedy, Horror, and Sci-Fi. There is also the Request section where you can ask for a specific movie to be added.

When you click on the Bollywood section, the site will show you the list of the most popular titles. Each film is represented with a large thumbnail, a short plot summary, as well as Download and Watch options.

The Best Sites to Download Bollywood Movies (6)

HD-Moviespoint will ask you to disable your ad-block apps and extensions, as the site finances itself through ads it shows the visitors.

Once Upon a Time in Bollywood

Bollywood movies have recently become hugely popular around the world. While not complete, this list is a good starting point for all new and old fans of Hindi cinema. Have in mind that some sites might go down over time and that new ones might spring up.

Do you watch Bollywood movies? If no, would you give them a chance? If you’re a fan, where do you find movies? If we’ve missed your favorite Bollywood movie download site, let us know in the comments section.

The Best Sites to Download Bollywood Movies (2024)
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