McDonald’s to AXE ‘best’ dips for good in weeks as part of major menu change (2024)

MCDONALD's recently announced it was making a major change to its menu in the coming weeks.

On May 29, eight new items will be making their way onto menus but fans are not happy that two classic dips will soon be gone for good.



The fast food chain confirmed a new Selects dip trio is coming to menus with two others leaving for good.

Chicken Selects can now be served with a new and improved Garlic Mayo and Sweet and Smoky BBQ, as well as the much-loved Sweet Chilli.

This means fans will need to say goodbye to the Sour cream and Chive dip as well as the standard BBQ dip.

Fans have taken to social media to express their frustration at hearing the news.

One Facebook user remained: “Why you lot getting rid of the sour cream and chive dip! That's the best sauce!”

“Getting rid of the sour cream and chives dip?” asked someone else.

A third user protested “They’re replacing bbq dips!”

But its not all bad news as the menu update revealed that for the first time, McDonald’s is collaborating with Skittles to create a new Skittles McFlurry.

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It's soft dairy ice cream swirled with chewy Skittles fudge pieces and sugary pearls, topped with a purple Skittles-flavoured sauce.

The exciting new dessert will be on menus for £2.91.

McDonald's biggest burger make-over in decades

Fans have taken to social media to share their excitement for the new McFlurry.

One Facebook user said: “I’ve been a skittle fan for years”

“I don’t know if Skittles makes my teeth hurt or if this is a brilliant idea.”

"What is happening Skittles McFlurry is like my dream," said a third user.

However, it seems none of the eight new items coming to menus has satisfied many other fans who are calling for the return of a popular classic.

Many fans have protested that the fast food chain should bring back the Chicken Legend.

All flavours of the popular burger were axed, including cool mayo, BBQ and hot and spicy mayo back in October 2022.

One user said: “They need to bring back the chicken legend.”

“Bring back the chicken legend,” cried someone else.

"McDonald's needs to hurry up and bring back the chicken legend," someone said.

Many fans have expressed frustration

Fans will have to settle for the Mozeralla bites and Iced latte which are also coming back to menus.

Here's a list of all the new items coming to menus.

  • The Hat Trick £5.89 or Medium Meal - £7.69
  • McDonald’s Chicken Sharebox - £10.59
  • 9 Chicken Select Sharebox - £8.49
  • Mozzarella Bites with a Rich Tomato Dip - £2.39
  • Skittles McFlurry - £2.19
  • Iced Latte - £2.49
  • Galaxy Caramel McFlurry - £2.19
  • Galaxy Chocolate and Raspberry Pie - £1.99

What's coming off the menu?

McDonald's regularly changes its menu offering to give foodies a chance to try new and returning items.

Among the items no longer available are the Galaxy Caramel Pie and theChicken Big Mac.

Here is the full list of items leaving menus on May 28 and their prices:

  • Biscoff McFlurry - £1.99
  • Biscoff McFlurry mini - £1.59
  • Galaxy Caramel Pie - £1.99
  • Biscoff Frappe - £2.99
  • Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry - £1.99
  • Galaxy Chocolate Mini McFlurry - £1.59
  • Quarter Pounder Deluxe - £4.89
  • Quarter Deluxe Medium Meal - £6.59
  • Chicken Big Mac - £4.69
  • Chicken Big Mac Meal - £6.49
  • Cheese & Herb Melts - £2.89
  • Cheese & Herb Melts Sharebox - £7.09

How to save money at McDonald's

You could end up being charged more for a McDonald's meal based solely on theMcDonald'srestaurant you choose.

Research byThe Sunfound a Big Mac meal can be up to 30p cheaper at restaurants just two miles apart from each other.

But you can pick up a Big Mac and fries for just £2.99by filling in a feedback survey found on any old McDonald's receipt.

The receipt should come with a 12-digit code which you can enter into the Food for Thought website alongside your submitted survey.

You'll then receive a five-digit code which is your voucher for the £2.99 offer.

Make sure you check out all the variousappsand platforms if you'reordering McDonald's to your home too.

Our research found some can charge up to £1.20 more than others.

How do I find my nearest McDonald's?

If you're planning on taking a trip to McDonald's, you'll want to know where your nearest branch is.

The chain has a restaurant locator tool on its website you can use to find your nearest one - and check what time it opens.

Bear in mind that McDonald'sserves breakfast every dayuntil 11am.

After that, the menu switches to the normal menu serving meals such as burgers, chicken nuggets and more.

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McDonald’s to AXE ‘best’ dips for good in weeks as part of major menu change (2024)
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